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Building Layout

When laying out plans for buildings it can be helpful to have a surveyor assist you in creating building layouts. Owen’s Surveying offers professional building layouts and related data needed for designers, architects, construction companies and more. We serve clients all over Western North Carolina for residential homebuilding.

Once the plans for a building or structure have been created it does not mean that you no longer need a surveyor. In fact, those who are building on your site will need us to stake out the boundaries for your buildings and structures.

Owen’s Surveying can assist your architects and engineers by creating the following and more:

  • Boundary Marketing
  • Construction Staking
  • Rough Grade Staking
  • Right-of-Way & Easement Surveys
  • Foundation Location
  • As-Built Surveys

Boundary Marketing

Boundary marketing is essentially a boundary survey where we also physically and visually mark the corners of your land.

Think of this kind of marking as staking out the perimeter and borders of your property.

Construction Staking

When the plans are prepared and ready to begin, on-site designers often contact surveyors to assist them in visually staking out the boundaries of buildings.

We have highly specialized equipment and knowledge that allows us to accurately read and interpret the plans an architect has created. Using this data, we can then calculate with our tools and mark the exact areas with stakes that will be constructed on.

Rough Grade Staking

This type of staking on a construction site is used to show where areas need to be graded or where slopes need to be created or torn down.

Rough grading is the pre-work that needs to be done before any real construction begins and a foundation is laid.

Right-of-Way & Easement Surveys

Depending on the location of your land you may need to have an easement survey created. If you will be joining existing pipelines or crossing the boundary of someone else’s land these types of surveys will need to be created for accuracy and documentation.

Foundation Location

Banks and other financial entities require these surveys to indicate where existing landmarks and buildings are on a certain property. Financial entities want to gain an understanding of what is on a parcel of land before they issue a loan.

As-Built Surveys

As-built surveys are created post-construction as a final survey for your property. They will indicate where new structures have been created.

Structures such as buildings, roads, bridges, fences, underground pipes, and lines, etc.

They are also an excellent tool for determining if your hired architect or designer delineated heavily from the original plans.

As-built surveys are also vital in documenting any features such as underground pipes and lines for further maintenance in the future.

It may be tempting to assume that once the plans have been drawn up for you that you no longer need a surveyor. However, that could not be farther from the truth because Owen’s Surveying can attest to the fact that we can continue to assist you and your designers throughout the entire building process.

If we have already created a survey for your current parcel of land it makes sense to contact us for when you begin to build. We would already have the knowledge and records readily available and can help you from the beginning all the way throughout post-construction.

Owen’s Surveying is here for our residential clients by assisting throughout the design process and ensuring that your needs have been met. By hiring us to document and provide detailed data for you and your construction team we can save you money in the long run. Contact us today to get started and know that we will serve you where ever you are located in Western North Carolina.