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Highway & Bridges

As we continue to build more structures, we also must build more highways and bridges to accommodate travel to their locations. That is why Owens Surveying offers services in surveying for highways, roads, and bridges.

We offer the following surveys for road and highway construction projects:

  • Road Surveys
  • Highway Surveys
  • Bridge Surveying
  • Utility & Storm Drainage Planning

Road Surveys

Depending on how large your property is you may need to build a road on your land. Developments and subdivisions also build larger roads for their residents.

Before construction on a road begins the land needs to be surveyed just like a home or structure needs to be surveyed before the work begins as well.

Owen’s Surveying offers accurate surveying for roadbeds and can assist your developer in the creation of plans for these projects.

Our survey will indicate where grading will need to be done as well as curves, tunnels etc.

Highway Surveys

There is a difference in roads and highways because highways are the main thoroughfares that people travel on, normally funded by the government. While a road can be built for smaller travel, communities, and even private properties.

Creating a major highway is a daunting task and local governments rely on experienced professional surveyors to assist them in determining how to build the major roads we travel daily.

We work with local government entities to help them during this creation process. If a surveyor were not present during the planning and creation phases of installation of highways a lot of money could be wasted. This money is also our money that is taken from taxes, so we work closely to ensure they have the best data possible.

Bridge Surveys

It is inevitable that at some point on a road or highway that a bridge will have to be created.

Roads and highways are large undertakings themselves but creating a bridge is another task entirely. Everything must be perfect for a bridge to not only work but last as well.

There is a science behind understanding how the topography of a certain area will be able to withstand and support a bridge. We at Owen’s Surveying have the knowledge and expertise needed to survey the land accurately before the construction of a bridge is even created.

Without our cumulated data architects would be unable to even create an idea or plan for these structures. Bridges and tunnels in a road are the most complicated to complete. Owen’s Surveying takes a pro-active and hands-on approach throughout the process of building a bridge.

We don’t just take the data and hand it over to a designer we also take part in the process and monitor the crew who creates the bridge. This way we can ensure that it is being created correctly and is safe for motorists.

Utility & Storm Drainage Planning

Along with bridges and tunnels, there is a need for prior planning of where utility lines and storm drainage will run around or under a road. 

Roads and highways essentially cut into a landscape and there could already be existing utility lines and storm drainage in place that needs to be accounted for. If not there needs to be a plan in place for these structures because we continue to expand in our building and construction projects daily.

Storm drainage is also vitally important because if roads are not properly drained into other areas it can create standing water which poses a threat to motorists. Too much standing water also creates problems for the asphalt itself causing it to deteriorate more quickly than intended.

Owens can meet all your individual surveying needs from residential to commercial. We work on surveying projects from building construction layouts, title surveys, to road and highway construction. Contact us today and let us help you in planning the upgrades to your property before you begin.