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Owens Surveying creates an expert mapping of commercial and residential properties.

We offer detailed mapping in the following areas:

  • Standard Mapping
  • Digital Mapping
  • Aerial Maps
  • Conceptual Maps
  • Trail Services
  • GIS Services (Geographic Information System)

Standard Mapping

Owens Surveying will create a highly detailed map of your property when we conduct any survey on your land. This standard map will indicate the boundaries of the land along with permanent structures such as buildings and roads.

Digital Mapping

We also provide services in digital mapping. Using specialized equipment, we will create GPS points of your land that can then be turned into a digital map. Your digital map can include all the same attributes as a standard map but can also be accessed via computers and other devices.

Essentially the geography of your land is stored digitally for ease of access.

Aerial Mapping

In recent years it has become easier to create aerial maps using drones. Aerial mapping creates an extremely detailed map of your land visually that can be stored and accessed with relative ease.

As a client, you will receive detailed high-definition mapping and data of your land.

For an example of aerial mapping, you can look at Google Earth imaging.

Conceptual Maps

Owens Surveying can help our clients by creating conceptual maps. These maps can be created using data to lay out roads, subdivision plots, playgrounds, stores, and more.

Our maps can assist you in site planning and design for your building needs. They can also be used in determining and laying out plans for the corners of larger buildings and residential homes.

Trail Services

Having a surveyor create a survey for a trail can assist you in planning for its creation. Western North Carolina is famous for hiking and biking trails. Let us help you in planning the trail you want to create on your property.

GIS Services

Geographic Information Systems, also known as GIS, is a system of information that uses geography at its core to store and analyze data. We provide GIS services to our clients to combine all the data we collect to be used together via layers. It can be accessed with ease via computers and mobile devices with information from tables, maps, spatial analysis, geography, aerial photographs and more.

An example of a GIS system is what emergency 911 call centers use.

Benefits of Mapping

Having a detailed map of your property is important for several reasons.

In fact, when closing on a property, when purchasing or inheriting it, it is required to have your land surveyed.

Surveyors spend a lot of time defining the boundaries of land and marking its corners and this data is translated into a map. These maps are then filed with local government agencies for land records. However, all the data collected can also be used for other projects.

Mapping can assist commercial and residential property owners in conceptual planning for permanent structures such as lots, buildings, trails, roads, bridges, conservation efforts and more.

And with the advent of drones and computers, this data can then be translated into easily accessible formats that can be reproduced and used time and again.

GIS mapping can take all the data and analysis and be used in a various amount of ways.

 Owens Surveying offers experts in our field of study and calculation. We serve all Western North Carolina for both residential and commercial clients alike using the most up to date equipment and knowledge available.

Contact us for all your surveying needs including

  • Mapping
  • Boundary Surveys
  • FEMA Documentation
  • Topographic Analysis
  • Building Layouts
  • Construction Layouts
  • Highway and Bridge Surveys
  • Site Grading
  • GIS Services