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Boundary Surveying

Owens Surveying serves Western North Carolina by providing expert surveys to meet your needs. Are you preparing to purchase a new property? Or, perhaps you are planning on building on your existing land. If so, you may need a boundary survey. Owens Surveying provides professional boundary surveying to help you determine the clear boundaries of your land. We provide surveying for both commercial and private property.

What is a boundary survey?

A boundary survey is a process carried out to determine property lines and define true property corners of a parcel of land described in a deed. It also indicates the extent of any easements or encroachments and may show the limitations imposed on the property by state or local regulations.

Owens Surveying Provides Boundary Surveys for:

  • Property Reconnaissance
  • Locate or set property corners
  • Stake property lines
  • Encroachment resolutions
  • Mapping and Platting.

What is included in a boundary survey?

Owens Surveying provides accurate and detailed surveys for commercial and private landowners. We will show you where your property begins and ends.

We will produce the following for you:

  • Research Local Records & Deeds
  • Research in the Field
  • Take Detailed Measurements & Perform Calculations to determine boundary lines.
  • Create a Detailed Plat or Map of your property
  • Create Visible Markers of the Corners of your Land

Having a professional create a detailed survey map is a legally binding document.

When do I need a boundary survey?

Properly defining and understanding the boundaries of your land, or property you intend to purchase is a basic part of owning any property.

Yet there may be other instances when you need to hire a professional surveyor:

  • Before you purchase land.
  • Improving or building on your existing property.
  • Dividing or combining to your existing land.
  • When there are conflicting views about the boundary of a property.
  • Determining the need for Right-of-Ways and Easements.

What is a recombination survey?

A recombination survey is needed if a property owner, either residential or commercial, purchases land adjacent to what they already own. Because professional surveyors create legally binding documents, they must conduct these surveys for government purposes. The main reason to have this type of survey done is to file with local government entities to lower the costs of property taxes.

The new map, or plat map, will indicate the previous parcels of land and the new one will show them as combined.

The landowner can then submit these documents for approval of the land combination to their county government.

Which land improvements may result in the need to have my land surveyed?

You may need to hire a professional surveyor when improving your existing property when you are adding a permanent structure.

Examples of Land Improvements:

  • Additional Houses
  • Sheds or Garages
  • Inground Pools
  • Roads or Drives
  • Other Permanents Structures

Owens Surveying offers expert land surveying throughout Western North Carolina. We will do all the necessary research and calculations needed to formally lay out the corners and boundaries of your land. We serve both commercial and residential property owners by creating highly detailed plats, or maps, for you.

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