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Construction Layout

If you are working on a large construction project, it is vital to have an accurate construction layout before any work begins. Here at Owens Surveying, we will work closely with your chosen design and construction teams to ensure the information needed for your construction layout is accurate and on point.

Construction Layout includes:

  • Commercial or Private Buildings
  • Houses
  • Curbing
  • Parking areas
  • Roads
  • Bridges
  • Right of ways

Why is it important to have a surveyor create a construction layout?

When finished plans are lying out before you it may be very tempting to assume that it would be easy to stake out the boundaries of your proposed structure.

If any errors are made in staking out the layout of a construction site it can have dire consequences in the building process.

Imagine trying to force a puzzle piece into a puzzle and watching it creating a rippling effect that destroys the other pieces. It may look right, to begin with, but if forced it can ruin the entire puzzle.

Many have used the phrase in the past that if the foundation is not laid right the building crumbles. But have you considered who staked out the physical plans for the foundation? The surveyor!

Don’t try to stake a layout on your own and note that a reputable contracting company will make sure you have a surveyor do this part of the process for you.

Building & Construction Layouts

Building and construction layouts are created by a surveyor staking out the physical boundaries and corners of proposed structures.

These physical and visual guidelines provide guides for the construction teams and designers to follow.

Horizontal & Vertical Grading Surveys

Here at Owens Surveying, we can create a survey that details the horizontal and vertical factors for grading. By detailing the data from these surveys, we can establish points that can be used later in additional surveys while also providing data for your grading contractors.

This will, in turn, give them in-depth information about the slopes on the land or a tool to determine if any slopes need to be created. Thus, saving you time, labor, and out-of-pocket costs.

Grading is the first step that must be completed before a foundation can be laid. Therefore, it pays to have the most accurate data available for designers and contractors on hand.

As-Built Surveys

Once your construction is complete, we recommend having an as-built survey conducted.  In fact, to even prove that your new structures exist some businesses and government agencies need this survey done.

As-built surveys also benefit you as a property owner as well. They are a wonderful tool for comparing the original plans proposed against what was created to ensure you received quality work from all involved.

As you can see it is important to have an accurate construction layout created by a professional surveyor throughout your entire building process. Here at Owens Surveying, we serve all Western North Carolina to meet your individual surveying needs. Contact us today to learn more!