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Fema Elevation Certificates

Here at Owens Surveying, we assist in documentation required by FEMA and interpretation of their pre-existing data.

We offer the following documents and services regarding FEMA:

  • EMA Elevation Certificates
  • Floodway/Flood Plain staking

EMA Elevation Certificate

An elevation certificate is a document that a land surveyor will prepare for you to document the elevation of your land against the Base Flood Elevation (BFE).

The BFE determines the forecasted height at which floodwaters will rise in an area. If your property is considered “at risk” you may be required to purchase flood insurance.

The higher the risk that flood waters could cause damage the more the premium your insurance company will charge. Insurance companies do not cover flood insurance in their general policies. This type of insurance must be purchased separately.

If you are financing your property, they will require you to have an elevation certificate created.

Flood Plain Stakeouts

If you already know that your residential or commercial property is within a determined flood plain, then it is advised that before you begin any major project to have the flood plain staked out.

As a professional surveying company, Owens Surveying can use predetermined data from FEMA to visually stake out the recorded flood plain. The visual markers will make it easier to plan out the site that you intend to build on.

Staking out and marking the flood plain will also let construction crews know where to be careful when building and storing materials.

Remember the higher the elevation of your building is away from the flood plain the less your insurance premiums will be. Besides, knowing where water flows on your property, is an important aspect of being a conscientious landowner.

Owens Surveying offers expertise in a variety of fields of surveying. Our documents are legally binding and can even prove to FEMA that your property is not within a pre-determined flood plain.

If you are financing your property in the closing process, they will require that you either have an elevation certificate created or a letter of the amendment sent to FEMA.

Furthermore, if you know that part of your property is part of a flood plain let us help you prevent headaches by staking out your flood plain. This will save you time and labor in the long run.

We work with a variety of clients throughout Western North Carolina from residential customers to commercial property owners. Contact us today and let us assist you with what you need for FEMA and more!