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Subdivision Planning and Surveying

Do you have a piece of land that you would like to give to somebody in your family? Or maybe a close friend? Have you recently acquired a piece of property that has multiple spots for beautiful homes to be built? In those cases, and many others like that, the property can be subdivided.

Subdivision Planning and Surveying include

  • Subdividing Property
  • Planning lot size and location
  • Staking and Monumenting Properties
  • Mapping and Platting

What is a Subdivision?

A subdivision is essentially the divide of one tract of land into at least two tracts of land. A subdivision will need to begin with a boundary survey. This survey will show all of the corners of the property, as well as the property lines. Once the extents of the land has been established we can subdivide it into new parcels of land, big or small, creating a subdivision.

If the subdivision is already planned out and ready to be put on the ground, Owens Surveying would be happy to complete the subdivision from the ground up. From the boundary survey, and the establishment of the new pieces of property, to the road and house layouts. Anything that may be needed to make a successful subdivision, we would be happy to do.