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Topographic Surveys

Owens Surveying offers accurate topographic surveys and services for the greater Western North Carolina region and beyond.

Topographic Surveys

A topographic survey is a survey that collects data that represents elevation points and contour lines of a given area. The maps created will indicate natural and man-made elements as well as elevations of the land.

These surveys focus more on showing

  • Existing Land Elevations and Slopes
  • Tree Topo’s
  • Lidar,
  • GPS assistance

Architects and engineers can use these maps to gain a better understanding of possible grading that will need to be done prior to construction.

Slope Analysis

It is common knowledge that Western North Carolina is filled with many mountain ranges that can have steep elevations. There are times when the steepness of a parcel of land needs to be analyzed before anyone can consider if a building can be built on it or not.

Many counties within the greater Western North Carolina region have now created ordinances to regulate people from building on steep slopes. This is due to the numerous landslides from the rain in this area. These landslides have destroyed many homes and properties and resulted in the loss of life.

Therefore, safety precautions had to be put into action.

Owens Surveying provides professional slope analysis to our clients to help determine if their plans are within regulations.

As-Built Surveys

After your construction project is complete you may need an as-built survey to prove that your structure exists.

They also record data such as underground lines that will be needed for maintenance in the future.

As-built surveys are also a great way to determine if those who designed and performed the work did as promised. They will indicate areas where there are delineations from the original plans.

Also noted on as-built surveys are permanent structures such as roads, bridges, and more.

Existing Conditions Surveys

Existing conditions surveys are created for properties to note what is already on them.

Before any major construction project begins it is noteworthy to indicate structures such as:

  • Roads & Drives
  • Buildings
  • Natural Landmarks
  • Fences
  • Parking Areas
  • Drainage Systems
  • Underground Lines
  • And More as Determined by the Surveyor

Aerial Surveys

Aerial surveys have become very easy to create today because of the availability of quality drones. Owen’s Surveying uses drone technology to create high-definition imaging and mapping of your parcel of land.

Even though Western North Carolina has a lot of tree cover we can still use aerial surveying to merge data with terrestrial documentation to give a more in-depth interpretation of your land.

Aerial surveys give a bird’s eye view to the topography and elevation of any given area. This visual tool is an excellent tool to give to your designers and architects to assist in site planning.

These surveys also speed up our production time so we can complete our work more quickly for our clients.

Topographic data gives landowner’s a more in-depth look into the interior and elevation of the entire parcel area. Understanding the elevation gain will help designers and engineers determine the special needs you may have in your projects.

In addition to topographic surveys, Owens Surveying can assist our clients with existing condition surveys, aerial surveys, slope analysis, and as-built surveying.

We take pride in offering expert analysis and data for our clients. If you have a surveying need in Western North Carolina do not hesitate to contact us!

Owens Surveying Also Offers:

  • FEMA Documentation
  • Boundary Surveys
  • Mapping
  • Building Layouts
  • Construction Layouts
  • Surveying for Highways & Bridges
  • Site Grading Surveys
  • And more!